Why Rugby is Good for Children – a Mother’s Point of View October 27 2014

As the mother of three boys, I’ve spent years on the touchline in all weathers, washed tonnes of stinky Rugby training kit (top tip for newbies: run when the coach is looking for a volunteer to clean the team’s kit) and even waited in A & E for my sons...

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The Ins and Outs of Rugby Tackling October 27 2014

In rugby, tackling is the only way of legally bringing down your opponent. It has been since the 1890’s anyway, where sticking your leg out to trip up your opponent was banned. Nowadays, the callous trip is only used by girlie footballers (with one eye on an acting career post...

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Spotting an early Rugby Talent October 27 2014

All young kids want to think that they are going to be the next George North and it is the duty of the coach to let them believe this.  Good, bad or downright hopeless, every child that turns up for weekly training should be encouraged to believe that he or...

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Rugby Shirts - The old style Vs. the New style October 27 2014

Rugby shirts are now all about athleticism and style; the old style  were about a loose, comfortable fit combined with heavy material – this made it  easier to smash and grab a player in a tackle, but times have changed and this is no longer possible.

The new slim line...

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Player Injuries - Is Rugby Getting Too Physical? October 27 2014

I was reading the papers over the weekend looking for any prematch banter for the Wales/England match this Saturday, and was really dismayed to find an article in the Mail on Sunday headed:


In a...

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Is the modern day scrum slowing rugby games down? October 27 2014

It doesn’t matter which match you watch, chances are you’ve been annoyed with the scrum. Collapsed front rows, constant resets and put-ins that are never straight. They can make a fast moving game stop at a standstill for anywhere up to 10 minutes; so why exactly are scrums holding up...

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How to Stay Safe Playing Rugby in the Cold Weather October 27 2014

We may have had some pretty wet and mild weather recently, but even with spring approaching, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see another cold snap around the corner.

All of which makes me think about my middle son who is rugby training for the first time today. He is...

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Essential Rugby Kit – What Every Budding Leigh Halfpenny Wannabe Should Have October 27 2014

As a Mum, when it comes to kit your budding Leigh Halfpenny will obviously want everything. I also know that your budget is already stretched to the limit. But here are the rugby essentials that every young player needs:

Kit bags

In the past, I have made the mistake of buying...

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Eat Well, Play Well – What’s the Best Nutrition for Rugby Players? October 23 2014

If you’re playing rugby – or any other sport for that matter – it should go without saying that your nutrition is everything. You can put in all the practice and rugby training you want, but if you’re not putting the right fuel into your body you won’t play as...

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Can Gavin Henson get back in the Wales team this Autumn? October 23 2014

Gavin Henson’s talent has never been in doubt. Who will ever forget that phenomenal match winning 48m kick against England at the Millennium Stadium in 2005? He is a versatile player most comfortable playing at full back, fly half or inside centre with a strong defensive work...

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